Hello world! I like big data sets!

Greetings!  As a way of introduction, I’m a GIS professional ( GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems)  that has been working in the field for more than 20 years.  I have a strong interest in open source software in general (linux user since 1996) and open source GIS software  and thought I would start a blog on the subject of open source gis software and what you can do with it, at home.

I like working with large datasets and performing scripted ( mostly python ) operations to process vector and raster datasets.  So, with my bride’s consent, acquired a used server with a quad core CPU , boosted the RAM up to 16 GB , and added 2 x 2TB drives. ( I actually looked at  building a new workstation from scratch.  It would have cost around $1000.  This way was cheaper, even though the clock speed is slower)

I live in North Carolina, so I acquired the raw bare earth lidar data for North Carolina , and I’ve been playing with that dataset.    I’ll describe that process in my next post ( Hint: The dataset in the picture at the top of the blog was generated from the complete ASCII bare earth lidar dataset for the state of North Carolina, 8.5 billion points) .

Off to celebrate the New Year!




About gisathome

GIS Professional who likes to explore the capabilities of open source software
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